More Than a Graduation Gift

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This is the time of the year where high school seniors and college graduates are turning the page to a new season of life. What an exciting time, both for the students and their families!
A time for celebration, a time to begin planning for the future and a time to ask, "what graduation gift can I give that will make a real difference?"
For many of graduates, this will also become a time of refection. A time where they'll want to slow down and set new goals for the up-and-coming new season of life. Basically reviewing, reflecting and planning for what's ahead.
If you've got a high school or college graduate that you'll be shopping for this year and you'd love to give a gift that will be unique and also help them to plan for the future, check out this goal setting gift bundle!
This gift will assist them with their entire goal setting process, especially the      F. A. I. T. H. goal setting card that's part of this set. It's truly a gift that will get them started on the right track because they'll including God in their planning for the future... so beautiful and definitely more than just a graduation gift!  
How awesome it will feel for you as the gift giver, to help the graduate look back and uncover the victories they've experienced & identify the things they want to do better as they move forward. A unique and magical gift that will show them how to savor the good stuff, learn from the bad stuff and break down their goals into tangible, achievable parts. 
More than a graduation gift, you'll be making an impact on eternity! You'll be setting these graduates up on a path to review, reflect and plan for what's ahead, all while including God in the process. What a gift!
Be blessed to be a blessing,
Lynda Pannelli
Founder & CEO Truepost Inc. 

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