Hi I'm Lynda Pannelli... the founder & owner of Truepost Inc. I'm a former corporate girl who in 2019 dove headfirst in to starting my own business. A business that was designed to help others meet God in HIS word and begin, or deepen their relationship with God. Meet me through video: https://youtu.be/ygOvzAEb7rM

Truepost was born from my daily morning quiet time practice of writing scriptures on 3 x 5 cards and carrying them with me for personal inspiration. The impact these handcrafted scripture cards had on my own relationship with God was so profound that I felt a deep desire to share this source of encouragement with others.

I've transformed my homemade cards into something truly special, featuring stunning photography, impactful Scriptures, and inspiring devotions. These cards are carefully packaged to serve as meaningful gifts or as a starting point for reading and diving deeper into God's Word.

I am truly passionate about helping individuals connect with God through His Word and providing them with gift-giving options that inspire, uplift, and guide others toward a deeper faith journey.


In faith,