An Appointment I Don't Compromise On

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Do you ever get in a rut and find it hard to stick to a morning quiet time routine? I know I do and what I have found that's helped me the most, is I make it an appointment that I don't compromise on. It is a priority... I write it in on my calendar and then I keep things simple. 

Here's what I do: 

I follow my calendar and keep my appointment with God, just as I would if I had made an appointment at my doctor's office. I get in my favorite Jesus chair, I get quiet and still, with no distractions.

When I couldn't trust myself to not check e-mail, Instagram or Facebook, I would put my phone on silent and somewhere out of reach from any notifications. Before too long, I found a new habit was created and I was able to give God my full attention. "Be still and know that I am God." -Psalm 46:10

I normally use some kind of devotional to guide my study. This helps me because they typically have questions for me to think through and journal about, this tends to guide me deeper into the daily scripture.

If you need help with a daily devotional, I have recently been enjoying: Chocolate & God | Empowering Women for Everyday Life ( It's written by Janet Scott and I find it very easy to follow and she covers everyday life issues.

Truepost has some wonderful topic-based devotions too!  They're not just perfect for gift-giving but also very helpful for anyone just getting started with a morning quiet time routine. They're super easy to carry along with you and so helpful for memorizing scripture because they're on a ring. This is one of my personal favorites: Praying Your Way Through, Scripture Devotional Card Set, Bible Study – Truepost Inc.

I find it especially helpful to focus on just one scripture at a time by writing that scripture down in my journal. I typically read the scripture to myself several times and ask God to help me understand what HE wants me to get from this scripture. From there, I'll record any questions and/or thoughts that come to my mind. It's the perfect way for me to have a conversation with God about the scripture and then capture as well, what HE revels to me about what I've read.

It's so amazing how this process has really guided me in the development of my personal relationship with God. HE definitely shows up! "Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things." -Colossians 3:2

Once I complete my journaling about the scripture, that's usually when I pray. "I call on YOU, my God, for YOU will answer me; turn YOUR ear to me and hear my prayer."   -Psalm 17:6

I definitely try to go into my quiet time with the faith that God will show up to help me understand what HE wants me to take away. If I'm struggling with faith that day, I'll add that to my prayer list and ask God to help me with having faith. "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see," -Hebrews 11:1

By repeating this process daily, I've found I've developed a much stronger relationship with God. A relationship that's very personal and truly makes me know that I know that HE hears me and is there to guide me.

It's become an appointment I don't compromise on, and I hope my ideas here will help you on your journey to developing your own non-compromising appointment with God too.

Watch this video for even more:  

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