I Don't Do New Year's Resolutions

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Can you believe there's only 4 days until we turn the page to a new year? And what a crazy year we've lived through! I know I'm certainly looking forward to turning the page, that's for sure!
One thing I love about the week between Christmas & New Year's, is it's my time for reflecting. It's the time of the year where I slow down and set my goals for the up and coming year. The time for my year in review! You see, I don’t do new years resolution’s. I do goal setting because "resolutions"  seem more like wishes, than real plans & I’m a systems girl. I like a plan! How about you?
The time between Christmas & New Year, and into the first week of the new year, is such a great time to review & revisit the good, the bad and the ugly, from the current year. To do my review I like to go back & re-read my journal for the year. It’s amazing the little jewels I find, that help me uncover the many little victories that I might otherwise forgotten or acknowledged. If your looking to get started in the new year trying these tips, check out this goal setting bundle that will help you with the entire goal setting process, including my F. A. I. T. H. goal setting plan. https://truepostinc.com/collections/scripture-collection/products/goal-setting-gift-bundle
I know most of us are certainly looking forward to turning the page on 2020, but I find looking back is the best way to uncover the victories & identify the things I want to do better in the new year. I love savoring the good stuff, and recognizing the bad stuff. Then... getting my goals written down & broken down into tangible parts. These are the things that truly help me get reset for the new year. I also find by making this my yearly routine, I’m more likely to reach the goals I set for the up and coming year.
If you typically journal, but haven’t been going back and re-reading it before going into the new year, I encourage you to try it. I think you’ll find some real treasures!

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  • Gloria Brown on

    This is an excellent way of doing it. I journal but not consistently. I wil try to do a better job this year.

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