Disappointment or Joy

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Walking in disappointment or choosing joy? Trials and tribulations are a way of life for many of us right now... illness, loss, uncertainty, fear for what may be around the corner. It’s just a really unpredictable time.

I had kind of an ah ha moment as I had coffee with God this morning. I was reading from James 1:2... “consider it pure joy when you face trials of any kind.” I don’t know about you but JOY is not usually my go to emotion during trials. What God revealed to me this morning though, as I continued to read on, is that JOY is a process. It begins with salvation and from there moves to finding God’s will for your life. During this process we have to remember that along the way we are guaranteed to have trials. The word of God tell us this over and over... however , if we keep our faith through the trials and TRUST God to go with us through it, we will develop perseverance, we will become more mature and complete, lacking in nothing...JOY! WOWZER! /collections/scripture-devotional-card-sets/products/flourish-scripture-devotional-card-set

This was profound for me this morning! Maybe It was just me, God was trying to hit over the head🤣, but here’s my take away... I am going to trust that God’s got this! I am going to remember that faith is the assurance of things hoped for, but not yet seen (Hebrews 11:1) and I’m going to keep my face to the light. I am going to remember that JOY is an internal decision and today I am choosing JOY! How about you? Reply in the comments JOY, if you’re with me!

 Lynda Pannelli, Truepost Founder

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