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My mornings spent in conversation with Jesus have played the biggest role in my maturity. I certainly am no where near where I need to be, but I thank God that HE has showed up every morning... so I’ve made progress. I am so glad that all those years ago, at a Christian Women’s Conference, I chose to take the advice of the speakers and commit to a morning quiet time with God. That special time reading HIS word, praying and listening for HIS voice has given me wisdom, energy and passion for my journey. I am still learning, but I am getting better at actually hearing that “still small voice” and making it a priority to do what It guides me to do. /collections/scripture-devotional-card-sets/products/follow-scripture-devotional-card-set

I find it helpful to have a plan to my morning routine. It gets me centered and more focused. I start by sitting in my favorite spot... my "Jesus Conversation Chair."  Then, I get still and focus on one scripture and devotion for that day. Many times I'll read the scripture over and over, so I can let the words truly sink in. From there, I like to journal my thoughts on the scripture and what I am taking away from the devotion. Once I have spent the time reading and journaling I like to pray. 

I usually start my prayers by thanking God for all HE has done for me . I'll then pray for others, pray for my personal needs and for forgiveness for myself and for the help with forgiving others. I also like to ask God to help me throughout the day to walk in HIS truth and help with fighting off negative thoughts and actions. I also try to make it a habit to surrender my plans for the day over to God, asking HIM for HIS guidance to work on the right things. I know that this simple routine has helped me to do better and BE a better person.

As I look around our country right now, I am so saddened by what I see. I believe the only way to change things is as Christian’s, to flood the world with God’s word and HIS love! I created Truepost as a gift-giving solution for believers, but I am more convinced than ever that they are more needed than I could have ever imagined! Maybe they were created for “such a time as this.” 

If together, we all spend more of our mornings in conversations with God and flooding the world with HIS word, I can only imagine the impact we could have!

Lynda Pannelli, Truepost Founder


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