7 Tips For Praying Powerful Prayers

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How can you pray more powerful prayers? Try these 7 tips.

#1. Start each prayer by praising God for all HE has already done for you.

#2. Pray for others.

#3. Ask God for help with your personal needs.

#4. Ask God for forgiveness for yourself and with help forgiving others.

#5. Ask God for guidance walking in HIS truth and fighting off negative thoughts and actions.

#6. Surrender all your plans, dreams and challenges over to God.

#7. Listen for God by ending your prayer time with a time for silence before going about your day. 

Try this process and grab this scripture devotional card set as a guide to help you pray more powerful prayers.  https://truepostinc.com/collections/scripture-devotional-card-sets/products/praying-your-way-through-scripture-devotional-card-set  Or, if you are looking to encourage someone in prayer, send them a gift that will help them with their prayer life.Truepost: https://youtu.be/OEdnd_gRVv4

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