It's Time to Cancel the "Cancel Culture"

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I'm truly struggling with the current practice of publicly rejecting, humiliating or even trying to shame people or groups, just because they  don't happen to share the same skin color, beliefs. politics or culture. Our world has gone completely mad in my opinion, and it's high time we cancel the "cancel culture."  This "woke" mentality, that America is made up of "systemic" racism, injustices and prejudices, is just pure craziness. 

I know I may be putting myself out there to be attacked and rejected too, however I can no longer sit by and be silent about what's happening in our society. Not only are these things untrue, but those pushing these untruths are damaging our county.

I certainly believe that there are racist people, there are unjust things that happen and there are certainly prejudices. However, to constantly beat the drum to the sound of "systemic" issues, is in my opinion the recipe for disaster for all of us. We as a country, are better than this and we must all start rising up and coming together in support of our country. If we don't, before long we may find ourselves waking up in the middle of a place we no longer recognize.

Our country was founded on the principles that we were all created equal and that we all have the right to free speech. And.... although I completely agree that those that push this other nonsense have the right to say what they want to say, I also believe we live in the greatest country in the world. I'll no longer stay quiet while they peddle this harmful speech and behavior. I want to see the preservation of our American way of life and the all important American dream, not the destruction of it.

My "whiteness" does not make me a racist, just as someone else's skin color, political affiliation, nationality, religious beliefs, etc. doesn't make them racist. All of these things together is what has made America the greatest country on earth and for those that don't like it, how about we have some civil debate and civil  conversations, instead of public shaming and cancelation? And don't mess with my JoJo either! lol! Seth Rogen claims accountability is not 'cancel culture' - Bing video

"Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you." Colossians 3:13 

Paul is saying here as follower's of Christ, we are to make allowances for the faults of others and forgive them. Now, you may not be a follower of Christ, but I do think you might agree that this might be the better way forward, as opposed to what's happening now. For more wisdom on following Christ Wisdom From the Savior – Truepost Inc. or Follow, Scripture Devotional Cards – Truepost Inc.

Showing mercy will not make us weak, it will make us stronger as a Nation. We have much better days ahead, if we no longer waste our time and energy on holding grudges and canceling each other. Let's come together and instead, be part of  canceling the "cancel culture."

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  • Gloria Brown on

    Such a true message! We should be having conversations about this cancel culture instead of accusing people we don’t agree with.

  • Lynda Soares on

    Well said!!! I will stand by your side, shoulder to shoulder, and fight this cancel culture with you. We will not bear swords or weapons of destruction, rather we will speak healing and love as bearers of Christ and His Word.

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