6 Steps to Becoming a Jesus Freak

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So, what's a "Jesus Freak?"  In order to answer this question, I think I might need to define what I perceive the word "freak" to mean in this context. I would say it means, "an enthusiast, or person who has an obsession with, or extreme knowledge of, something."  What does freak mean? (wordhippo.com)

Would you like to become a "Jesus Freak?"  I would say that most of us that proclaim to be of the Christian faith, would say absolutely yes! But... if we proclaim to be a "Jesus Freak," then we also need to come together and remember that it's not just important that we believe in Jesus and believe that HE died on the cross for our sins, but we must make it a priority to "follow" Jesus. 

So what's does it mean in today's world to follow Jesus? Well, I would have to say that the biggest lessons that Jesus taught and modeled for us were the lessons on LOVE. Just like Jesus called Peter and Andrew to follow HIM & become "fishers of men," he also calls each of us to do the same. HE wants us each to live in such a way that puts HIS teachings into action. HE wants us to be a good example, so others see Jesus in us and want to get to know HIM too.

So how can we ensure we become a  "Jesus Freak?" Here's 6 steps to getting started:

#1. Use our words to build others up & not tear them down.

#2. Remember that the word LOVE is a verb! Jesus is our example of what it means to truly love other people.

#3 "Do not judge, or you too will be judged." -Matthew 7:1  These are Jesus' own words telling us that judging other people is wrong.

#4 Make allowances for the faults of others and forgive. Showing mercy doesn't make us weak, it makes us mature.

#5.Never quit putting in the effort to seek God and HIS truth! Spend time reading HIS word & learning HIS ways. ASK, SEEK, KNOCK!

#6 Continue to ask God for more patience, more love for others, more wisdom and understanding. 

To become a "Jesus Freak," we must... "Enter through the narrow gate..."    Matthew 7:13. We must recognize that even though our human nature may sometimes lead us down the path of unforgiveness, bitterness, spitefulness and unkindness, we must always remember that we'll never find Jesus in those places! It's in these times, that we must get on our knees and ask Jesus to forgive us and help us make better decisions.

It's certainly difficult to take the narrow path and become a "Jesus Freak,"  but I think I want to try... how about you? 

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