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If you Google the top influencers of the world, you'll receive mostly a list of actors, actresses, performers and social media influencers. This is not to say that many of these people aren't amazing people, and certainly deserving of some recognition for what they've accomplished in their area of influence. However, in these times of social media overload, it's difficult to know who and what to trust. It's sometimes impossible to identify whose really making it and whose really faking it. Even our news media, has put themselves in a position where it's hard to know when they're telling the truth or spreading their own views or opinions. We can't tell what's real news and what's just plain ole propaganda. It's a crazy time for sure! 

Imagine the kind of world we would live in if we were all seeking to follow an influencer with an absolutely perfect track record? A track record where we were certain that we'd be led with integrity, never lied to and where we'd never be alone. If we were enthusiastically seeking this kind of person... his words, his wisdom, his ways, his influence...  "what a beautiful world this would be!"

Yes! What a beautiful world this would be, if we always reserved the top spot of real influence, on any list, to someone with a perfect track record. Someone who without question always has our best interest at heart. Someone who has promised to never lie to us, never leave us or never condemn us, but most importantly has laid down his life on our behalf and offered us the gift of eternal life... someone with the name Jesus Christ! 

Let's together, as a community of believers,  be on a mission to do whatever it takes to elevate the name of Jesus Christ as the most famous, sought-after influencer and celebrity of our times. Let's point others, as well in this direction o faith, because when we do, what a beautiful world this WILL be! 

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What a beautiful name it is!

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  • Gloria Brown on

    This is so true. The only one we can can always depend on. The only one who will never leave us.

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