Shut Down The Excuses

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I can't believe it's already been 12 days since we turned the page to a brand-new year, and I still haven't finished setting my goals for 2022. I've started, but they're not complete. This holiday season was very busy for my family. Busy with hard things, sad things, life changing things, loss.

Even with all of that, I know deep down inside that these are not good excuses to not get it done!  

One of the big things that's been hounding me this week is the questions that our Pastor ask us on Sunday. "Are your excuses telling you what to do? Are you allowing your excuses to be the boss of you?" He also said, "an excuse is a lie we tell ourselves about ourselves." Hmmm. Great food for thought, wouldn't you say?

So, although between Christmas & New Year's, is typically my time for reflecting. The time of the year where I slow down and take a look at my year in review, it's not too late to get started on it now. 

I'm currently revisiting the good, the bad and the ugly from 2021, by going back & re-reading my journal entries for the year. It’s amazing the little jewels I'm finding, that are helping me to uncover not just the big victories, but also the many little victories that I might otherwise overlooked or never even acknowledged. It's kind of fun!

If you're like me and you've gotten a late start on goal setting for the New Year, it's not too late! Shut down the excuses!!

Start now by going back through your 2021 journal. Read through it, reflect on the words. When you do, I know you'll find some very amazing little jewels too. Ones that will make you happy and ones that will make you think. And... I know this little exercise will make a difference!

You might also, check out this goal setting scripture devotional set that will give you an entire goal setting process. Goal Setting, Scripture Devotional Cards – Truepost Inc.  It's goal setting through the lens of faith, along with impactful scriptures and devotions to assist you along the way through to setting successful goals.

If you're like me you're certainly looking forward to turning the page on 2021, however looking back is the best way to uncover the victories & identify the things you want to do better in the new year.

I love savoring the good stuff and recognizing the bad stuff. Then... getting my goals written down & broken down into tangible parts. These are the things that truly help me get reset for the new year and make it more likely that I'll reach the goals I set for myself.

If you typically journal but haven’t been going back and re-reading it before going into the new year, I encourage you to try it. I think you’ll find some real treasures. And hey, do what my Pastor says...shut down that excuse factory! Somethings are worth carrying into the New Year...your excuses are not one of them!



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  • Lynda J Soares on

    LOVE THIS!!! I’ve been meaning to call and place an order since October. I can’t even count how many millions of excuses I’ve come up with so far to make it OK that I have not done that. This message today was for me. For all the excuses I’ve made for this and so many other things.

    That changes now!

    Calling you TODAY to place another order!

    Love you my friend!

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