Cover card for the Truepost Praying Your Way Through scripture devotional card set.
Truepost 5 guiding steps card that comes in easch scripture devotional card set.
Scripture card for 1 Chronicles 16:11 printed over a photo of books in a window looking out over trees.
Scripture card for James 5:13 printed over a photo of a flower in a vase and a compass in the left corner.
Devotion card on praying in times of trouble laying on a blanket.
Scripture card for 1 John 5:14 printed over a photo of a window opened up over trees with a compass across the top.
Scripture card for Philippians 4:6 printed on a photo of a window sill with a plant. Compass in the right bottom corner.
Praying Your Way Through, Scripture Devotional Cards
Scripture card of Psalm 5:3 in the morning Lord you hear my voice printed over a photo of a cup of coffee. Compass across the bottom.
Scripture card with Matther 6:9 printed over a photo of a Bible sitting next to a window.
Truepost back cover card. Eucalyptus trims the outside of the photo. Pointing towards faith.
Sample of each scripture card that comes in the praying your way through scripture card set.
Scripture devotional cards beautifully wrapped with natural jute twine, that's  tied in a bow, for a charming rustic vibe.
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Praying Your Way Through, Scripture Devotional Cards

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Is someone you know struggling and you're not sure how to help? God's word knows exactly how to help! These scripture devotional cards will encourage and magnify how prayer makes God’s miraculous power available in every situation. This is the perfect selection to support and encourage anyone struggling with an illness, a loss or, if they need help working through difficult decisions or challenges. It's a wonderful gift for any occasion and is one of our very best sellers! You'll also find a Compass Rose etched on the front and backside of each card, as a reminder that God’s Word is our compass in life for finding true north. Use it as a Bible study tool or simply as memory verse cards too.

Cards are professionally printed on 24pt. Finch Fine premium paper, the kind used for high end cards and catalogs. This makes them sturdy and strong. The front side of each card has a silk lamination that gives it a bit of a shine and showcases the compelling scripture and captivating photograph. The backside of each card has a simple devotion and is printed on a flatter finish for easy journaling and personalization right on the backside of each card. Hole punched on the top left corner of every card and held together on a small bronze ring, so you can easily add additional cards to the deck. Comes beautifully wrapped with natural jute twine, that's tied in a bow, for a charming rustic vibe. 

10, 4 3/4” x 4 3/4” square cards with rounded corners.
Set Includes:
-1 Welcome Cover Card
-1 Five Guiding Steps Card (simple Bible study plan)
-7 Scripture Cards with photographs
-7 Devotions on the back of each Scripture Card, with application and room for writing or journaling
-1 Back Cover Card
-1 bronze ring that holds the deck together and opens and closes to allow you to collect and add on additional scripture cards.

Scripture verses included in this faith deck:
-1 Chronicles 16:11
-James 5:13
-1 John 5:14
-Philippians 4:6
-1 Thessalonians 5:17
-Psalm 5:3
-Matthew 6:9

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