The cover of the Confronting Anxiety and worry themed scripture cards laying on a cream colored blanket next to a wooden tray with a cup of coffee.
Five steps to a morning quiet time scripture card.
Scripture cards with 5 guiding steps to a morning quiet time. Be still, focus on one scripture, pray heartfelt prayers, have crazy faith & repeat.
Scripture card on anxiety and worry from Isaiah 41:10 printed over a photo of birds flying over the ocean. Daily Bible verse card.
Scripture card with John 14:27 printed over a photo of a sun setting over a few small mountains and a small body of water. Daily scripture card.
Backside of one of the scripture cards on anxiety. It contains a devotion that is part of this scripture devotional card set on anxiety and worry.  Daily devotion.
Scripture card on anxiety and worry from Joshua 1:9 printed over a photo of an ocean & clouds. Daily Bible verse on overcoming anxiety.
Scripture card of anxiety from Romans 12:2 printed over a field of purple flowers. Daily Bible verse card.
Scripture card on anxiety from Philippians 4:6-7 printed over a photo of flowers in a field. Daily scripture card.
Scripture card on anxiety and worry from Psalm 40:1-3 printed over a photo of an ocean and mountains. Daily Christian message card.
Scripture card on anxiety and worry with 1 Peter 5:7 printed over a photo of hot air balloons. Bible verse gift idea. Gifts with Bible verse on them.
Anxiety & Worry Scripture Devotional Cards wrapped in natural jute twine and tied with a bow. Gifts with Bible verses on them. Bible verse gift idea.
 The backside of the scripture cards fanned out showing the devotions on the back of each card.
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Confronting Anxiety and Worry, Truepost Scripture Devotional Cards

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Introducing Our Confronting Anxiety & Worry Scripture Devotional Cards:

  • Premium Quality, Lasting Comfort: Professionally printed on 24pt. Finch Fine premium paper for durability and strength. Silk lamination on the front side adds a touch of shine while the backside's flatter finish allows for easy journaling and personalization.

  • Thoughtfully Curated Set: Includes 10 square cards with rounded corners, featuring captivating scripture verses and accompanying devotions. Held together with a bronze ring for easy organization and the option to add additional cards over time.

  • Charming Rustic Presentation: Beautifully wrapped with natural jute twine, tied in a bow, for a delightful rustic vibe that enhances the gifting experience.

  • Empowering Verses for Every Journey: Includes powerful scripture verses such as Isaiah 41:10, John 14:27, and Philippians 4:6-7 to provide strength, comfort, and guidance in times of anxiety and worry.

  • Share the Gospel with Grace: Designed for Christians seeking to share the message of hope and faith in a non-judgmental and comforting manner, making them perfect for gift-giving or personal use.

For Whom and How to Use:

Our Confronting Anxiety & Worry Scripture Devotional Cards are tailored for individuals navigating the turbulent waters of anxiety and worry, offering a beacon of hope and comfort in the form of uplifting scripture and heartfelt devotions. Whether you're seeking solace for yourself or looking to extend a gesture of love and support to a friend or family member, these cards serve as a tangible reminder of God's unwavering presence and promise of peace. Use them as a daily source of inspiration, a tool for personal reflection and journaling, or share them as a meaningful gift to brighten someone's day and deepen their faith journey.

10, 4 3/4” x 4 3/4” square cards with rounded corners.
Set Includes:
-1 Welcome Cover Card
-1 Five Guiding Steps Card (simple Bible study plan)
-7 Scripture Cards with photographs
-7 Devotions on the back of each Scripture Card, with application and room for writing or journaling
-1 Back Cover Card
-1 bronze ring that holds the deck together and opens and closes to allow you to collect and add on additional scripture cards.

Scripture verses included in this faith deck:
-Isaiah 41:10
-John 14:27
-Joshua 1:9
-Romans 12:2
-Philippians 4:6-7
-Psalm 40:1-3
-1 Peter 5:7

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